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The Traffick Report is a limited collection of news articles that we think would be of interest to our readers. For a more coprehensive listing of human trafficking stories in the news, as well as human trafficking awareness events throughout the US, visit


Allentown man gets 24 years for sex trafficking
Philadelphia, PA 2/6/2015
“Thirty-five-year-old Deshawn King of Allentown was sentenced Friday to more than 24 years in prison for running a sex trafficking operation that used heroin to punish and control victims.”

Owner accused of employing women who performed sex acts at massage parlor
Lancaster, PA 1/16/2015
“Police allege an East Lampeter Township massage parlor operated as a house of prostitution.”

Philly pimp ‘Gucci Prada’ gets life in prison
Philadelphia, PA 12/19/2014
“A Philadelphia pimp who sold a child for sex and forced two other women into prostitution was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without a chance of parole.”

How the Crime of Labor Trafficking Helps Cities Run
“She was also told that the police were not on her side… even though she knew what was happening to her was wrong, her limited English skills restricted her and she had no idea where to go for help.”

NE Philly teen’s sex-slave experience is all too common
Philadelphia, PA 8/5/14
“Domestic sex trafficking, federal and local officials say, is an increasingly common and highly lucrative underground business – a close-to-home subsection of human trafficking commonly involving American girls and young women (but sometimes boys) forced into sex slavery by sick pimps who prey on some of society’s most vulnerable members.”

A Lancaster County woman is charged with offenses related to human trafficking
Lancaster, PA 1/31/14

Human trafficking bill pending in Pa. House
Harrisburg, PA 1/27/14
The law is catching up with human traffickers in Pennsylvania, but it will be up to citizens’ groups to change public perception of both the traffickers and the victims.

Human trafficking: Suburbs’ dirty little secret
Philadelphia, PA 8/6/13
“While other 7-year-olds were playing with dolls and going to summer camp, Amy was being prostituted on the streets of Texas, Virginia, and Oregon. By her grandfather.”  Read More

Details emerge in Montgomery County prostitution arrest
Skippack, PA 7/31/13
“Every Monday, like clockwork, detectives believe, Florencio Perez Martinez got in his white 1995 Toyota Camry and drove to a public transportation center in either Norristown or Philadelphia to pick up the new woman he’d already scheduled to meet.”  Read More

Philadelphia Man Charged With Sex Trafficking a Minor
Philadelphia, PA 7/19/13
“A Philadelphia man has been arrested and charged with three counts of sex trafficking a minor by force.” Read More


United States

 Lured Off the Streets, a Look at How Young Women Become Sex Trafficking Victims
Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US

3 Young People Get To See The Cambodian Factories Where Their Clothes Are Made. Their Reaction Is Telling.
“It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of clothing trends and never think too hard about where our clothes come from, and who makes them. But what would happen if we were brought face to face with the truth?”

“It’s very sad:” Racine County Sheriff’s Office, Human Trafficking Task Force rescue girls ages 13, 16
Racine County, Wiscousin 3/4/2015
“Sheriff’s investigators and members of the Human Trafficking Task Force conducted an extensive investigation over several weeks that ultimately led to the recovery of the girls.”

Sex Trafficking in Anchorage Hidden in Plain Sight
Anchorage, Alaska 2/19/2015
“According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one out of every three homeless teens will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.”

Sex Slaves on the Farm
Charlotte, NC 2/5/2015
“She had come to Charlotte, North Carolina, to work on a farm, but she wasn’t going to be picking—she and the three other women in the car were wearing high heels and see-through miniskirts, and they felt alone and afraid.”

Cops Arrest 500 Johns in Sex Trade Crackdown
Phoenix, AZ 8/5/14
“If there was no demand, there would be no prostitution…It makes them understand that there are some consequences here. The public still perceives prostitution as a victimless crime, so we’re going about it this way to address the problem and raise awareness.”

Sex trafficking Survivor: I was beaten, brainwashed, and branded
Boise, Idaho 5/1/14
“I like playing small rural cities with small populations. I usually hit places like the mall, Walmart and fast food joints to knock a girl… Whatever the case, I generally let them know that they’re so much better than the town they’re currently in and how much potential I see in them…I then come at them with some modeling or, ‘You could be an actress’ type (stuff). Within an hour, they’re usually hooked.”

Human trafficking ring busted in Beaumont
Beaumont, Texas 2/7/14
“in essence, they ran a take out and deliver service,” said Agent Brian Moskowitz. “Not for food like restaurants, but rather for people.

Woman Recalls Trauma
Brooklyn 2/7/14
“I can only describe my life in New York as five years in hell,” said a woman named Carmen who was forced into prostitution at the age of 14. From the day I arrived in New York until the day I escaped, Benito forced me to work seven days a week. I was just merchandise for him. His associates, his clients treated me as an animal.”

Sex Trafficking Doesn’t Just Happen During the Super Bowl
Don’t Be Ignorant. Most victims of sex trafficking are NOT foreigners who are flown or trucked in (They’re US citizens).

Houston’s Perfect Storm
Why our city is such a powerful generator of human trafficking, and what parents should know if they want their kids to survive.

Stopping the Foster Care to Child Trafficking Pipeline

Chicago Pimp Gets 15 Years for Human Trafficking
The woman, now 23, testified in a federal courtroom Wednesday about how the convicted sex trafficker preyed on her, taking her under his wing at first before prostituting her in Chicago and across the country and taking all the money she earned to keep her in check.

Polaris Project’s 2013 State Ratings on Human Trafficking Laws
“Polaris Project has rated all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 10 categories of laws that are critical to a basic legal framework that combats human trafficking, punishes traffickers and supports survivors.” Read More

More Human Trafficking Lawsuits Filed Against Major U.S. Shipbuilder
“New human trafficking lawsuits were announced Thursday against a major U.S.-based shipbuilder, alleging that Signal International had brought 500 Indian guest workers to the U.S. and then forced them to work under “barbaric conditions”.” Read More

More than 100 teens rescued in weekend sex-trafficking raids, FBI says
“More than 100 teenagers — many of them children from broken homes — were rescued over the weekend in a sex-trafficking crackdown that swept more than 70 cities, the FBI said Monday.” Read More

Saudi princess charged in O.C. human trafficking case
Santa Ana, CA 7/10/13



Ensuring the Success Canada’s New Prostitution Law Part 1: Addressing Poverty
Canada 12/16/2014
“The new prostitution law, which prohibits the purchase of sex while decriminalizing those who sell it (as they are usually victims of force or circumstance), seeks to address the demand side of the equation, recognizing that most often, prostitution is an unequal transaction in which the person paying has more power than the person providing a sexual service.”

“For most people it’s hard to imagine that grown men are having sexual contact with, paying for, and raping children. Yet this is happening with such frequency that this crime, human trafficking, is the now the fastest growing crime in the world. (Harris, K. 2012).”

‘Start waking up’: Report warns of Inuit child selling, cites anecdotal evidence of abuse, trafficking
Canada 1/30/2014

As an ex prostitute, I urge all the political parties to commit to the Sex Buyer Law.
United Kingdom 10/24/14
“What would the UK adopting the Sex Buyer Law mean to me? It would mean that the law would stand alongside me, not against me. It would recognise that what happened to me was abuse. The johns would be under the spotlight for once and held legally responsible for their actions.”

Trafficking Bill: MLAs vote to make paying for sex a crime
Ireland 10/21/14
“The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted by 81 to 10 in favour of making it a crime to pay for sex.”

How Canada’s New Prostitution Law Can Survive a Legal Challenge
Ottawa, Canada 10/16/14
“By targeting pimps and johns rather than prostitutes, Bill C-36 succeeds in improving on the safety concerns that led the courts to strike down most of Canada’s old prostitution law last year. But there is still work to do”

‘Start waking up’: Report warns of Inuit child selling, cites anecdotal evidence of abuse, trafficking
Canada 1/30/2014
“Inuit babies and children are being sold by their families, sometimes into prostitution, according to a new report funded by the Department of Justice that explores the wider issue of human trafficking of Inuit women and girls in Canada.”

Nigeria Investigation
Nigeria 1/23/14
Six out of 10 people who are trafficked to the West are Nigerians.

Kidnapped and Sold: Inside the Dark World of Child Trafficking in China
“Some Americans have unknowingly adopted Chinese babies taken from their parents and sold to orphanages. But can the Congress do anything about it?” Read More

Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM announces
“Most households in the UK will have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it, David Cameron has announced.” Read More

The Infamous Link Between Sex Trafficking, Sex Tourism, and Sporting Events – What Lies Ahead For Brazil?
Brazil 10/8/11