Things You Can Do

Join the Movement!

Whether it’s changing your most basic, daily, life-choices or being a front-lines advocate against human trafficking, we know that each person has a place in the movement for eradicating modern day slavery. How can you get involved?


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
~ Ben Franklin



For starters, friend us on Facebook to receive regular, informational updates for events, legislation, and current news about human trafficking or subscribe to our email list on our hompage. Take it one step further and check out our partner organizations to both enhance your knowledge about human trafficking and to find out what organizations are doing near you.


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Speak for those who may not have the power to do so.
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We believe that spreading awareness about the global crime of human trafficking comes from people like you who refuse to be silent. You can put your facebook, twitter, or blog accounts to good use by posting links, educational information, and news articles about human trafficking. Feel free to re-post and share any content on NIMBY’s facebook page. Not technologically savvy? Read our “Educate” section and spread the word by telling your friends, family, and co-workers about this issue. You can become a generator of change simply by raising awareness in your home communities!



Take control!

Choose not to contribute to the market demand for slave labor and control where your money goes by supporting fair-trade and locally produced products. Ask companies about the countries in which their products are made and under what conditions they are produced, or research companies online, beginning with these websites:



Host an event!

See our Events page to find out how you can host or plan an event to support NIMBY and raise awareness about trafficking in your community, such as inviting guest speakers to your school, church, or workplace.




In 2012 the Pennsylvania Legislature passed HB 235 requiring the posting of the National Human Trafficking Hotline poster in certain businesses and transit points throughout the state. This is a step in the right direction, but there is still much to be done. Two pieces of legislation relating to human trafficking have recently been introduced in Pennsylvania. Senate Bill 915 also known as the Safe Harbor Bill, would provide for children exposed to sexual exploitation in Pennsylvania. Any minor involved in prostitution would be presumed to be a victim of human trafficking and treated as such, rather than a treated as a criminal. This legislation would also allow victims to receive specialized services and would impose monetary penalties on traffickers and those who illegally purchase sex. The fines collected would be used to provide safe houses and victim services around the state for sexually exploited children. Senate Bill 75 focuses on the prosecution and prevention of human trafficking as well as victim protection and will enable law enforcement to punish perpetrators with stronger criminal charges.

To express your support for these bills and to ask your State Senator and Representative to do the same, join International Justice Mission’s postcard campaign (am waiting on the link).

If you want additional information on the status of state or federal legislation, the best resource for up-to-date information on trafficking legislation in the United States is Polaris Project. To see how your elected officials have voted on anti-trafficking legislation check out the Congressional Scorecard on the Freedom Commons website.




Be a voice for the voiceless – report suspicious behavior and incidents of human trafficking or child exploitation. Call these hotlines.



Train your tongue!

Language is powerful. Joking about violence and prostitution and supporting mainstream media that glamorizes the sex industry without showing the realities of prostitution is contributing to the social acceptability of human trafficking. Not only do you have the power to educate those around you, but also, you have the ability to challenge social stereotypes, especially surrounding the sex industry.




Support victims, survivors, anti-trafficking organizations, lawmakers, law enforcement, and even for traffickers through prayer. See our Prayer page for resources and more information.,




Partner with NIMBY financially! We are currently in the process of applying for status as a Not for Profit Organization, so contributions made directly to us are not tax deductible. If this isn’t an issue for you, giving via Paypal or a check made payable to NIMBY are both an option. If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, checks should be written out to LIFE CENTER and must include the word NIMBY on the memo line. All checks can be sent to:

30 N. Queen St (Lower Level)
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