ijm imageInternational Justice Mission (IJM) invites individuals and groups to become prayer partners and receive weekly prayer updates. Become a prayer partner today. They also have a prayer guide that give specific details on how to pray for the abolition of human slavery, including the facts of forced labor and prostitution and how IJM is able to help.


voice for the voiceless imageA Voice for the Voiceless has created a powerful book entitled: 30 Days of Prayer. This discusses global issues of injustice related to trafficking of women and children, female mutilation, and forced prostitution.


salvation-army imageThe Salvation Army’s free downloadable prayer guide provides a general overview of sex trafficking globally. Included in the prayer guide is scripture to meditate on, as well as specific prayer requests to rescue and restore victims and break down the industry of sex trafficking.


red_stop_prayExodus Cry’s prayer initiative “Red, Stop, Pray” is a useful reminder to pray for the eradication of human sex trafficking. Every time you are stopped at a red light, you are encouraged to pray for the Kingdom of God to come into the red light districts across the world.


Wellspring ImageWellspring Living’s 40 Days of Prayer Guide Book “The White Umbrella Campaign” is available for $5. Wellspring Living believes that prayer is essential in healing the survivors of trafficking. In this book, you will be able to pray the name of God over the survivors.


she-is-priceless-devotional image“She is Priceless” free downloadable 5 day devotional by Children’s Hopechest Founder Tom Davis includes statistics, stories, scriptures, action items and ways to get others involved. Can be used with or without his book Priceless.