A Word About Pornography

“The message is clear: if prostitution is the main act, porn is the dress rehearsal.” ~ Victor Malarek, The Johns

Pornography is the primary gateway to the purchase of humans for commercial sex and is now widely accepted.
According to Porn Harms Research, some of the keys to understanding why include:

  • Pornography is used as a “tool” to train young children and women so that they will “know” what to do in performing sex acts.
  • Often, the forced sexual acts between the prostituted woman/child and the John will be filmed and photographed and then shared elsewhere.
  • Studies show that pornography users often seek to act out what they have viewed in porn. Often their partners will not engage in such acts, so they seek it elsewhere – increasing the demand for trafficked women and children to be prostituted.
  • Pimps are operating more and more online as it becomes easier to connect with potential buyers and to remain anonymous. Popular websites like www.Craigslist.com and www.Facebook.com have become “virtual brothels” where one can quickly find prostituted women and children to engage in sex acts.
  • As addictions to pornography increase, users seek harder and harder material. There is a recent boom in the availability of “live” porn as trafficked children and women are forced to perform “on-demand” sex acts in front of web cameras as “Johns” or porn users watch.
  • Porn users do not and cannot distinguish between trafficked women, prostitutes, and porn stars.
  • Pornography fuels the global sex trade by driving demand into the mainstream of society.


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“Child trafficking and porn are the fastest growing crimes in America. Half of all global child porn is produced in America. Ten new images of children are posted daily.”

“Money drives the crime. It is estimated that a criminal willing to molest a child in front of a live webcam can earn $1,000 a night.“

~ Child Porn “Epidemic” Among Pentagon Officials And US Government Employees by Lori Handrahan, Ph.D. April 15, 2013


Slave Master: How Pornography Drugs & Changes Your Brain

“Pornography wants you, it wants your husband or wife, it wants your son and daughter, your grandchildren, and your in-laws. It doesn’t share well, and it doesn’t leave easily. It is a cruel master, and seeks more slaves.”


Pornography statistics Annual Report 2013 

“Today, 68% of young adult men and 18%of women use porn at least once a week. Another 17% and another 30% of women use porn 1-2 times per month. This means for 85% of young men and nearly half of young women, watching porn is at least a monthly activity.”


“Basically… porn is everywhere” – A Rapid Evidence Assessment on the Effects that Access and Exposure to Pornography has on Children and Young People

“The Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England is calling for urgent action to develop children’s resilience to pornography following a research report it commissioned which found that: a significant number of children access pornography; it influences their attitudes towards relationships and sex; it is linked to risky behaviour such as having sex at a younger age; and there is a correlation between holding violent attitudes and accessing more violent media.”


“Renting an Organ for Ten Minutes:” What Tricks Tell Us about Prostitution, Pornography, and Trafficking.

photo taken by Emily Meneghin

photo taken by Emily Meneghin

this chapter is taken from Melissa Farley’s book, Pornography: Driving the Demand for International Sex Trafficking. It details the perspective of men who buy sex, a woman in prostitution, and discusses the demand for prostitution in a social context.


Prostitution Research & Education

Prostitution Research & Education (PRE) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that conducts research on prostitution, pornography and trafficking and offers education and consultation to researchers, survivors, the public and policymakers. PRE’s goal is to abolish the institution of prostitution while at the same time advocating for alternatives to trafficking and prostitution – including emotional and physical healthcare for women in prostitution. Check out their website for current news, facts, and the latest research on prostitution in our country and around the world.


Teaching Parents how to create open discussions of safe practices with teen children in Social Media.


For a thorough collection of peer reviewed research articles, along with current news and opinion articles about the harms of pornography visit: pornharmsresearch.com