Addressing Demand

“Men are the largest drivers for the demand of sex trafficking. We need men who are willing to stand up and say, I DON’T STAND FOR THAT!”
~David Batstone, Rape for Profit


Men play a crucial role in the drive and demand of human trafficking, especially sex trafficking. We not only need to educate women about not falling prey to sex trafficking, but also, men need to be educated to understand the horrendous reality of sex trafficking. Here are resources geared toward a male audience:

Defend Dignity

These 10-minute YouTube video series discuss the need to address the demand that drives prostitution and advocate for change in our attitudes, lifestyles and laws.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Men Who Buy Sex

based on the research of Melissa Farley, PHD, Founding Director of the Prostitution Research and Education, comparing characteristics of men who buy sex versus those who don’t, this short article lists 10 characteristics of sex-buyers. See her full research in collaboration with other psychologists here.

“Renting an Organ for Ten Minutes:” What Tricks Tell Us about Prostitution, Pornography, and Trafficking

this chapter is taken from Melissa Farley’s book, Pornography: Driving the Demand for International Sex Trafficking. It details the perspective of men who buy sex, a woman in prostitution, and discusses the demand for prostitution in a social context.

Joel McKerrow – My confession part 4

listen to this wonderfully honest rap by Joel McKerrow who apologizes to women on behalf of the male race for sexual exploitation.